• Senior Compositor on Titanic re-release
  • Senior Compositor on The Amazing Spiderman
  • Asst. Compositing Supervisor on Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Senior Compositor on Avengers
  • Compositing Supervisor on Transformer 3: Dark Side of the moon

Screen credited as the Comp Supervisor with Legend 3D on Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon. Shawn continually pushed himself and his team to create the highest quality visual effects and compositing for stereoscopic playback. With the experience of multiple feature films, Shawn has been able to work closely with industry leading studios like ILM, Digital Domain, Paramount, Sony, and DreamWorks to create and manage the production of visually stunning stereoscopic feature and catalog films.

After supervising the re-release of Top Gun at Legend, Shawn moved on to work with Deluxe Studios in LA on John Carter, The Avengers and the re-release of Titanic. In 2012 Shawn began work with Pixomodo doing 2D & 3D VFX Compositing on Spiderman, Game of Thrones, award winning shows and feature films.

Utilizing industry leading software like Nuke, AE, and Maya Shawn often problem solves his why through 2d & 3D VFX working closely with colleagues, producers and the client to achieve perfection for feature film work. Compositing of CGI elements, Rig removals, Roto, Cleanplates, Camera Tracks, and more. Shawn has manage over 150 artist in organization and creative production along with client relations to effectively communicate and manage the creative production. R&D new techniques, disseminate to leads daily goals, processes, and procedures.

With Shawn’s skills, experience, history of creative management, he also implements training programs to teach incoming employees how to stereo composite, along with training outsource facilities in India.

Having experience as a CGI Modeler/Animator and a College Instructor Shawn’s goal is to continue to achieve creative perfection in the film industry while teaching at the college level to share all his professional success & experience with students.

Shawn is always open to entertain offers that will help him advance his career and move closer toward his goals.

Shawn Barnett



Stereoscopic Compositing, VFX, CGI Aimation & Modeling, Training & Education, International Relations and Training ( Currently hold a India Visa)


Toni Pace Carstensen, Sr. Stereo VFX Producer, Legend3D

“Shawn is an amazing artist and a very responsible, smart team player who can be counted to deliver what he promises. He did a great job on Transformers: Dark of the Moon—and I would welcome any opportunity to work with him again!” November 11, 2011

Susan Olney, VP Operations, Legend Films Inc

“Shawn Barnett joined Legend3D just as it was starting a major ramp up in staffing in preparation for stereo conversion on several major films. He established himself early on as having strong work ethics with much focus on producing quality work and exploring new processes. In a short time he advanced to become a Supervisor in the compositing department. At the time L3D was building out a sizable comp department with new compositors joining the production line every week. Shawn gained the respect of his coworkers by being a patient and caring supervisor who was also capable of doing the work himself. When posed with a difficult challenge -he always rose to the occasion.” November 11, 2011

Scott Squires, Consulting Visual Effects Supervisor, Legend 3D

“Shawn Bartlett was a compositing lead at Legend 3D on Transformers: Dark of the Moon and other projects while I was there. He supervised a number of compositors and is well versed in both the details of compositing and 3D stereo. He’s a very hard worker and is adept at problem solving and working with his team members to produce the best quality images.” November 14, 2011

Jeff Olson, VFX Producer, Legend 3D

“Shawn Barnett did a superb job leading a large team of comp artists converting Transformers 3 from 2D to 3D at Legend. I was always able to count on him and his team to solve last minute problems and deliver on schedule.” November 16, 2011

Barry Sandrew, Ph.D, Founder - President/COO, Legend3D, Inc

“Shawn Barnett is an employee that I’ve worked very closely with on a daily basis. During “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”, Shawn was there, often 7 days a week making sure the work was the highest quality possible. Shawn is a triple threat. He brings the know-how, the experience and the tenacity/work ethic to help make any project a success. He is an excellent leader of compositing and VFX teams as expressed in the quality and quantity of the work he has been able to deliver. Shawn has a strong sense of family, which carries over into a special loyalty toward those he respects and a loyalty to Legend3D. I know that where ever he goes, there will be a special place in his fond memory for his colleagues and his time at Legend3D and likewise, we will always have fond memories of him.” November 22, 2011

Adam Ghering, Compositing Department Supervisor, Legend Films

“Shawn is very passionate about everything he does. He has various experiences as an artist, instructor, and manager. He drew on all of this experience during his time at Legend3D. He started as an artist and because of his teaching experience became our production trainer where he helped drive the skills sets of artists. His technical knowledge of various programs and motivational attitude was well received. Shawn continued to demonstrate a sense of responsibility and inventiveness. He was made Assistant Compositing Supervisor and then full Compositing Supervisor during his time at Legend3D.
Shawn was dependable through some of our toughest projects and even went to India to train some of our outsource venders. When supervising an entire department it helps to have the right people to delegate to and Shawn never let me down.” December 5, 2011

Burt Julio, VP/General Manager of International Operations & Strategic Planning, VP Marketing,, Legend 3D managed Shawn indirectly at Legend 3D

“Being one of the most talented and respected minds in our company, Shawn has shown great initiative and passion towards his professional career. He not only cares about creating the best product our industry has to offer, he also exudes a desire to help his fellow managers and creative subordinates along the way.

I felt honored to have had a strong and talented individual working for us here at Legend 3D. Any company that should find themselves with him on their employee roster ought to feel privileged; to have such a dedicated and well-rounded leader at their creative helm would enhance any company’s viability within their selected industry.” January 3, 2012

Burt Julio, VP/General Manager of International Operations & Strategic Planning, VP Marketing,, Legend 3D
managed Shawn indirectly at Legend 3D

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